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The Swenson family house on Fontaine Road

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Harriet and John Swenson bought this house on Fontaine Road in 1950, only after persuading the owner that they were tough enough to stay.

Nancy Swenson on Robinson Road

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Harriet and John Swenson's oldest child Nancy sits on the stoop of their Robinson Road rental, reputed hunting lodge for Teddy Roosevelt.

Bill and Pearl Sloan

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Bill and Pearl Sloan toast their 50th wedding anniversary.

The Sloan family

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Bill and Pearl with David, Jon, Bill Jr., and Miriam. (Barbara was born in 1956.)

The Sloan family's trailer home

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Bill and Pearl Sloan and their first three children called this 16-foot travel trailer home while they waited for a new one.

Bill and Pearl Sloan

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Bill and Pearl Sloan stand in a hole they dug for their septic tank. "There were no geological surveys required, no septic system percolation tests."

The Mule Train at the Country Fair

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The Mule Train at the Country Fair. From left: Chris Jones, JoAnn Goodman, and Tom Butler.

Joe Ruzicka performs at the Country Fair

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Joe Ruzicka of Old Canyon performs at the Country Fair

Community House work party

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Woman's Club members serve a ranch-style lunch to a Community House work party.

Greg and Danny Morris

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Greg and Danny Morris donate their playhouse to the Community House for a tool shed

Jerry Hanks, Ray Alley, and Frank Molloy

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Jerry Hanks, Ray Alley, and Frank Molloy drill a well for the new Community House.

Topanga Drilling Co.

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Frank Molloy and Ray Alley of Topanga Drilling bring their families while they tap into a water supply.

Breaking ground for the Community House

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Fire Chief Harvey Anderson and Mary Sopher watch as Dorothy Boehme breaks ground for the new Community House.

Clarence Kuethe and Mary Sopher

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Clarence Kuethe, owner of Fernwood Market, donates a steet to Woman's Club president Mary Sopher.

Sycamore Lodge

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Sycamore Lodge, with bow windows, was built by H. R. Gage in the early 1900s, then bought by Harry Boehme in 1931. Located just north of the confluence of Garapatos and Topanga Creeks and shaded by sycamores, the 5-acre property contained four…

Oka Stewart

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Oka Stewart sponsored free events at Wildwood, led the Lions club and donated building materials for the Community House.

Camp Wildwood

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Owner Oka Stewart supervises Camp Wildwood swim classes.

Topanga Women's Auxiliary

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Topanga Women's Auxiliary threw an old-fashioned community picnic in 1942, precursor to the fairs. Standing from left: Elva Sigrist, unknown, Hermoine Cox, unknown, Virley Harlan, Mrs. Theriault, Nelle Upham, unknown, Louise Adams, Helen Blencourt,…

American Legion Honor Roll

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Honor Roll of men and women serving in armed forces is unveiled by the American Legion on Memorial Day 1944 at Pine Tree Circle

The Topanga Protection Committee

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The Topanga Protection Committee organized in 1942 by Oscar-winning producer/director Frank Lloyd (seated center). Pictured are standing from left: Hildor Barton, two unknown, Des Barton, Kenneth Connors, Hugh Harlan, Ralph Kiewitt. Seated: W. V.…

Civilian Conservation Corps camp

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The New Deal brought a Civilian Conservation Corps camp to Topanga.

Sadie and Cash Albright at home on Paradise Lane

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Sadie Albright pours a drink for husband Cash at their Wild Horze Bar in the home he built on Paradise Lane.

The Penny family on Paradise Lane

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Kathryn Penny and Melvin Penny, with children Joel Dean Penny and Milo Penny.

In front of the John Albright home on Paradise Lane.

Bud Luse and friends at the garage by the old Post Office

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At the garage by the old Post Office.

Kneeling: George Ortez, Charles Gammon.

Standing: Ken Douphner, Bud Luse, and Richard Flood.

Jerry Hanes, Bobby Jacks, Bob Talmadge

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Jerry Hanes, Bobby Jacks, Bob Talmadge

Topanga Beach Auto Court

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Topanga Beach Auto Court, with James Talmadge's Deusenberg. James was the son of Buster Keaton and lived on Tuna Beach.

Topanga Beach houses along the old coast road

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Topanga Beach houses along the old coast road, before they were swept away by high waves in a February 1926 storm.

Step Inn cafe and gas station at Topanga and PCH.

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Step Inn cafe and Clayton Rust's gas station at Topanga and PCH.

Gas station at Topanga and PCH

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Clayton Rust's gas station at Topanga and PCH.

Thais Rust in Brookside

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Thais Rust as a teenager sitting on a '35 Ford Coupe in Brookside in Lower Topanga.

Ina and Clayton Rust at Rust’s Barbecue

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Ina and Clayton Rust at Rust’s Barbecue in Lower Topanga.

The Rust Family at Topanga Beach

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The Rust Family.

Front: Ellen Rust Penland, Joanne Simmons, Thais Rust, Ray and Leon Simmons, Ella Rust, Avis Wendell, Fern Rust, Raburn Stedman Rust.

Middle: Clayton Rust, Roy Rust, Claude Simmons, Edythe Rust, Fleta Rust, unknown, Ina Rust,…

Tent City, formerly Cooper's Camp

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Tent City, formerly Cooper's Camp, with the construction site for the 1933 bridge across Topanga Lagoon.

John Fonducas with lobster

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Greek fisherman John Fonducas with lobster in Lower Topanga.

Topanga Mineral Springs

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Horseshoe Bend was renamed Topanga Mineral Springs and its waters were sold to customers in Los Angeles.

Horseshoe Bend Inn

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Horseshoe Bend Inn opens in mid-1920s with dance pavilion spanning creek at rear and sun deck on roof.

Alva Gustavus at his Little Brown Church in the Wildwood

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Retired Baptist Minister Alva Gustavus stands by his "Little Brown Church in the Wildwood" behind Horseshoe Bend Inn.

Southern California's Prettiest Drive

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"Southern California's Prettiest Drive" is Francis Brunner's booklet advertising his Topanga-Las Flores Canyon Stage. The Topanga Historical Society published a reprint of this 32-page booklet.

Coins offering free lots in Sylvia Park

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Coins were scattered in Los Angeles offering finders free lots and memberships in Sylvia Park Country Club.

Gray family: Russ, Mae, Bonnie, Carole, Don, and June

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Russ Gray (with nose to the grindstone) and his wife Mae with Bonnie, Carole, Don, and June.

W. D. Hacker cabin in Fernwood Park

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Weekend cabin of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Hacker built in 1924 in the Fernwood Park development at the northwest corner of Fernwood Pacific and Horseshoe Drives.

Vance Hoyt holds a grey fox

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Vance Hoyt holds a grey fox at his Bonnell Park ranch.

The Sylvia Park subdivision

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The new Sylvia Park subdivision, as seen from the Goebel Ranch.

Fred Solomon leads orphans in a race

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Fred Solomon leads orphans in a race on property that became Topanga Center.

The Penny Dance Band

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The Penny Dance Band played at Solomon's lively dance halls.

Pine Tree Circle

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Topanga Post office and General Store in Pine Tree Circle.

Leona, Theresa, Vera, and Mark Venneman

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Leona, Theresa, Vera, and Mark Venneman on their farm.

Agnes Venneman

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Agnes Venneman reared eight children in Topanga.

Mark Venneman

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Mark Venneman with favorite horse team, Cap and Maud.

Flyer for Mohn Springs

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Advertising flyer for Mohn Springs

Picnic in Veteran Springs (Glenview)

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Spanish War veterans hold a picnic in Veteran Springs (later known as Glenview).

Hay baling crew

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As a boy, Fred Venneman joined a neighborhood hay baling crew that included Jesus Santa Maria (aboard baler) and George Cheney (second from right).

Walter Armacost and friends

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Walter Armacost and friends trek through Topanga.

Topanga Tavern on Old Topanga Canyon

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Topanga Tavern was built in 1909 on Old Topanga Canyon just south of the Narrows.

The Outside Inn

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Original owner Dan Fletcher at The Outside Inn.

Caroline Hansen at John Heron's cabin

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Caroline Hansen, whose parents owned the Outside Inn, at John Heron's cabin on a Saddle Peak slope.

Floyd Palmaymesa with aunt Hazel and friend

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Floyd Palmaymesa with aunt Hazel and friend in Old Topanga Canyon.

A Pawlowski family picnic by Topanga Creek

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A Pawlowski family picnic by Topanga Creek. Peter and Pauline, with his parents Pelagia and Julius.

The Pawlowski family on Route 66

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The Pawlowski family (second car from left) on Route 66, from Michigan to Topanga.

Cora Trippet and son Oscar A. Trippett

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Cora Trippet and son Oscar A. Trippett under portrait of her husband. Trippet Ranch became the centerpiece of Topanga State Park.

Cora Trippet

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Trippet Ranch became the centerpiece of Topanga State Park.

Judge Oscar Trippet

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Trippet Ranch became the centerpiece of Topanga State Park.

Water tank in the shape of a milk bottle

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Kneen built this water tank on Red Rock Road in the shape of a milk bottle in the 1930s.

May Kneen and daughter Katherine

4_28 crop.jpg
May Kneen and daughter Katherine at the home built by husband Bill. Badly damages in the 1994 earthquake, the house was razed and rebuilt by Jake Stehelin to resemble the original.

Taj Mahal entrance on Entrada Road

4_27 crop.jpg
T. W. Kneen (left) built this Taj Mahal entrance for Mr. Hanlon (right) on Entrada Road.

Manx Lodge

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Jim Kneen built Manx Lodge on Robinson Road.

Katherine and Lee Haines family

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Katherine and Lee Haines, with children Carol, Bruce, and Lynn.

Red Cross Building

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During WWI, ladies sold Mrs. Julian's "Canadian War Cakes" to tourists in front of this Red Cross Building at Old and New Canyon junctions to raise money for the war effort.

Irwin Julian with furs

4_22 crop.jpg
Irwin Julian with a shipment of furs that brought him just over $50.

Norris E., Charlies I., Edwin, and Edwin R. Julian

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Four generations: Norris E., Charlies I., Edwin, and Edwin R. Julian.

Adelaide Gibbon at her stone house

4_16 crop.jpg
William and Adelaide Gibbon built this stone house, which featured her wood carvings.

Von Arnswaldts' cabin in Red Rock Canyon

4_15 crop.jpg
The von Arnswaldts' cabin in Red Rock Canyon opened the area to development.

Mrs. Templer Allen with cousin Hugh Twyford

4_21 crop.jpg
Mrs. Templer Allen, owner of Moel-Y-Gan, with cousin Hugh Twyford.

Bob Hutton in Greenleaf Canyon

4_14 crop.jpg
After Bob Hutton married, he built a home in Greenleaf Canyon out of homemade adobe bricks.

Stella McAllister and nephew at her tavern

4_10 crop.jpg
Stella McAllister and nephew at her tavern. She insisted her guests help in the kitchen.

Les Storrs in Greenleaf Canyon

4_13 crop.jpg
Les Storrs, age 16, at the Hutton cabin built by Mort Allen in Greenleaf Canyon.

Bob Hutton and Mort Allen

4_12 crop.jpg
Frequent guest Bob Hutton sits back to back with Mort Allen, "a man not given to unnecessary effort."

Man cinching his burro

4_9 crop.jpg
Walter Armacost snapped a friend cinching his burron as they stopped in Topanga on their way to the Sierra Nevadas.

Reverend Frederick Post with Dolores Trujillo

4_7 crop.jpg
The Reverent Frederick Post lost his extensive library when his home burned.

Bertha Corbett Melcher, Jessie, Mrs. Luther

4_4 crop.jpg
Bertha Corbett Melcher (right) sits with a woman (probably sister Jessie). Mrs. Luther is standing.

Sunbonnet Baby by Bertha Corbett Melcher

4_E1 crop.jpg
Artist Bertha Corbett Melcher made her fortune with her creation of the Sunbonnett Babies.

Bertha Melcher with Charlotte and baby Ruth

4_5 crop.jpg
Bertha Melcher was known as the "Madonna of the Mountains."

George Melcher ranch

4_6 crop.jpg
George Melcher and his second wife Marguerite Douphner Melcher are flanked by Betty and Ken Douphner to the left and Helen Cheney, Callan Cheney, and young Gary Cheney to the right.

Santa Maria Road cemetery

4_2 crop.jpg
Rosetta Goebel was the cemetery's first occupant.

Jack Woods's stone house

3_36 crop.jpg
Jack Woods, a pioneer stage and mail driver, built this stone house in the early 20th century in Old Canyon.

Trujillo Ranch gate

3_18b crop.jpg
Trujillo Ranch gate built by grandson John Wiley in 2001

Trujillo family (Dolores , Cornelia, Rosagua, and Dolores Jr,) with Miss Ericson

3_17 crop.jpg
Dolores Trujillo, 53, with wife Cornelia, children Rosagua and Dolores Jr, their teacher Miss Ericson, and their lamb Buckoo.

Francisco Trujillo

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Francisco died a few years later when a horse kicked him.