Lower Topanga

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Lucy and Charles Greenleaf and Friends at Topanga Beach
Photograph "when hearts were young and gay; Topanga pioneers live again in historian Nelson's fine picture of long ago" Ben Failor, Columbus (Moose) and Lucy Cheney, Mrs Ed Erdman, Claud Morton Allen

John Foundoukos with lobster
Greek fisherman John Foundoukos with lobster in Lower Topanga.

The Rust family at Topanga Beach
The Rust family at Topanga Beach.

Front: Ellen Rust Penland, Joanne Simmons, Thais Rust, Ray and Leon Simmons, Ella Rust, Avis Wendell, Fern Rust, Raburn Stedman Rust.

Middle: Clayton Rust, Roy Rust, Claude Simmons, Edythe Rust, Fleta Rust,…
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