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Zev Yaroslavsky, Frank Andrews, and Equine Response Team

County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and Frank Andrews of Animal Care & Control present a check for $25,000 to Equine Response Team while volunteers Alli Acker (third from right) and Stephanie Abramson beam their thanks.

Yim Moon at Topanga Creek Market

Yim Moon at Topanga Creek Market. When he took over from "Joe Creek" Gerson in 1986, it became known as Moon's Market.

Writer Carolyn See

Writer Carolyn See wrote many critically acclaimed books. She moved to Topanga in 1963, and speaks of her early days in the Canyon through the voice of Edith Langley in the 1987 novel "Golden Days."

Writer Al Martinez in his home office

Writer Al Martinez in his home office. He moved to Topanga in 1972, and became a popular columnist for the "Los Angeles Times."

Writer Al Martinez

al photo[2].jpg
Al Martinez (1929-2015) was a novelist, essayist, and Los Angeles Times columnist.

Woody Woodward's Skateboarding Hall of Fame T-shirt

2023-04-29 facebook Woody Woodward ps.jpg
Woody Woodward skates on a T-shirt created by Logan Earth Ski to commemorate his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2013.

Woody Woodward rides his new Hobie surfboard

2023-03-28 facebook Woody Woodward ps 1.jpg
Woody Woodward rides a wave on his first new surfboard, from Hobie.

Woody Woodward does headstand on Makaha skateboard

2023-01-03 facebook James Lang.jpg
Woody Woodward, aka "Woody the King," does a headstand on a Makaha skateboard.

Woody Gutherie's Shack

6_28 (2).jpg
Will Geer and Herta Ware's first Topanga home later became "Woody Shack" when their famous musician friend took it over.

Woman's Club installations, 1950s

Topanga Community Woman's Club installations: Kay Olson, Betty Niklas, Mary Griffith, Mary Belle Alexander, Julia Butler, Georgia Collamer, unknown, Dorothy Boehme, Mildred Buerckel, unknown, Maxine Carnes, Hazel Talbot, Helene Pervine, May Lewis.

Woman's Club former presidents

Topanga Community Woman's Club former presidents at the 50th Anniversary Tea Party: Linda Hinrichs, Rebecca Andrews, Kathy Briles, Harriet Swenson, Julie Du Bois, Julia Shugerman, Ellen Mills, and Terry Valente.

William Santa Maria and Cecil Gehr- Arizona Hunting Trip

Santa Maria Family Still Image006 crop.jpg
Black and white photo of Bill Santa Maria (left) and Cecil Gehr (right), captain of the Topanga Fire Station, on Arizona hunting trip circa 1920

William Fitch Wray painting, "Untitled," 1930s-40s

14_3 (2) crop.jpg
"Untitled (Topanga Scene)," a painting by British émigré William Fitch Wray.

Will Geer and his family

Will Geer and his family at the Theatricum Botanicum: Herta Ware, Peter Alsop, Melora Marshall, Will Geer, Ellen Geer

Will Geer and Herta Ware

Will Geer and Herta Ware sing at their Theatricum Botanicum.

Will Geer and Ellen Geer in "The Tempest"

Actors Will Geer and Ellen Geer as Prospero and Miranda in William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest," performed at the Theatricum Botanicum.

Western Saloon movie set at Topanga Summit

14_84B crop.jpg
A father and son pose in front of the Western Saloon movie set at Topanga Summit.

Western Pond Turtle

1_38 (1).jpg
Topanga Stream Team member Ken Wheeland holds the elusive Western Pond Turtle.

Waterlily Café

The Waterlily Café was one of the first businesses to open in the Pine Tree Circle mall.

Water tank in the shape of a milk bottle

4_E5 crop.jpg
Thomas W. ("Bill") Kneen built this water tank on Red Rock Road in the shape of a milk bottle in the 1930s.

Warren Roberts, Topanga Fish Market owner

Warren Roberts opened the Topanga Fish Market, a restaurant and market near the lumber store, which was in business from the 1970s-1990s. Warren also owned the Reel Inn on Pacific Coast Highway.

Walter Armacost and friends

4_1 crop.jpg
Walter Armacost and friends trek through Topanga.

Walter "Buck" Buchanan

Walter "Buck" Buchanan, a businessman and minister, ran for 14 major political offices from 1934-1984, including President of the United States. He never won.

Wally High and Pat Burke

13_36B crop.jpg
Wally High and Pat Burke at Pat's Topanga Grill in Coulson Center soon after it opened.

Wallace Berman, Shirley Morand, and Allen Ginsberg

Assemblage artist Wallace Berman enticed notables to Topanga, including poet Allen Ginsberg.

W. D. Hacker cabin in Fernwood Park

5_17 crop.jpg
Weekend cabin of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Hacker built in 1924 in the Fernwood Park development at the northwest corner of Fernwood Pacific and Horseshoe Drives.

Von Arnswaldts' cabin in Red Rock Canyon

4_15 crop.jpg
Tony von Arnswaldt and his wife's cabin in Red Rock Canyon opened the area to development.

Volunteers clean up the creek

Twice a year, since 1998, volunteers clean up the creek.

Virgil Just, aircraft engineer

Virgil Just, aircraft engineer, spent three years building his home, at the pace that he could afford materials in. He said, "No lending institution would lend you a dime to build in Topanga."

Viewridge Estates, fire company basecamp, 1993

Day 2 of the 1993 fire, fire companies from throughout the Western U.S. line up at the Viewridge Estates neighborhood.

View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga Summit

0_8 (2).jpg
View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga Summit, with The Topanga Story's Preface by Kenneth H. York, and Introduction by Buz Tarlow.

Vance Hoyt on Red Rock Trail

Vance Hoyt on Red Rock Trail, near his home. He arrived in Topanga in 1910.

Vance Hoyt holds a grey fox

5_E4 crop.jpg
Vance Hoyt holds a grey fox at his Bonnell Park ranch.

Vance Hoyt and his gray fox

Vance Hoyt wrote his popular novel "Silver Boy" about the wild gray fox that learned to sleep by the hearth of his Bonnell Park home.

Valerie Spencer, owner of Abuelitas Mexican restaurant

13_35 crop.jpg
Standing: Uncle Sal, Valerie Spencer, Michael Spencer, Adam Silbar, Debra Silbar. Seated: Valerie's abuelo, Valerie's abuelita Aurelia.

Valerie Cheney and Dog

Picture1 crop.jpg
Valerie Cheney walking with a dog in front of Jack Wood's stone house.

Unknown artist painting, "Jack Rabbit Lodge," early 1900s

IMG_4379 ps 5 w.jpg
The lodge beside the Topanga Lagoon was inhabited by fishermen until prospector William Wills Coolbaugh bought it in 1909. A deputy sheriff burned it down on March 22, 1911, to evict the illegal homesteader.

Two men with rifle under Arch Rock, 1890s

2017-09-21 (scan)_0006 ps 2 zoom.jpg
Two men with rifle under Arch Rock, 1890s. Stereoscope image.

Two Donkeys by Pond

3_21 crop.jpg
Two donkeys by Cheney Pond

Two Cars Parked by Restaurant

5_2A crop.jpg
Black and white photograph of Mohn Springs restaurant and dance hall

Trujillo Ranch gate

3_18b crop.jpg
Trujillo Ranch gate built by grandson John Wiley in 2001

Trujillo family (Dolores , Cornelia, Rosagua, and Dolores Jr,) with Miss Ericson

3_17 crop.jpg
Dolores Trujillo, 53, with wife Cornelia, children Rosagua and Dolores Jr, their teacher Miss Ericson, and their lamb Buckoo.

Trippet Ranch

Topanga State Park

Tree Lined Road with Structure on Left

2017-09-06 (scan)_0069 crop.jpg
Black and white photograph of Topanga Canyon Highway near Elkhorn Camp

Town Council President Gary Davis and founder Jan Moore

First official Topanga Canyon Town Council President Gary Davis and founder Jan Moore square dance at Topanga Days.

Topango Radiant Springs truck

Sox (maybe Joy), 1930 ps.jpg
Distributor Harry "Sox" Kuhlmeyer stands with his Topango Radiant Springs truck. The company delivered water from a spring at the bottom of the S-turns. Joy Pierce was the manager.

Topanga's Eighth Grade Graduates, 1946

1946-06-21 Topanga's 8th Grade - TJ crop 3 ps w.jpg
Topanga's Eighth Grade Graduation. With 19 members the Class of 1946 was one of the largest and most promising ever to be graduated from the Canyon school. Left to right—Standing: Mrs. Elva Sigrist, principal; Robert Winton, Larry Allen, Dale Cutter,…

Topanga Women's Auxiliary

6_5 crop.jpg
Topanga Women's Auxiliary threw an old-fashioned community picnic in 1942, precursor to the fairs. Standing from left: Elva Sigrist, unknown, Hermoine Cox, unknown, Virley Harlan, Mrs. Theriault, Nelle Upham, unknown, Louise Adams, Helen Blencourt,…

Topanga Turnout destroyed by floods of 1998

Topanga Turnout became a victim of the El Nino rains of 1998 when a landslide doomed the little shopping center.

Topanga Tavern on Old Topanga Canyon

4_17 crop.jpg
Topanga Tavern was built in 1909 on Old Topanga Canyon just south of the Narrows.

Topanga Symphony Conductor Jerome Kessler

Topanga Symphony Conductor Jerome Kessler takes a bow from the Community House stage.

Topanga Summit

Topanga Summit became a popular viewing spot after the road opened to cars in 1915.

Topanga Strawberry Festival News Release, 1977

Strawberry Festival News Release.jpg
14th Annual Topanga Strawberry Festival News Release, June 29, 1977.

The Topanga Community Improvement Association (TCIA) was formed in 1959 with Cyril C. Wood as provisional president. They helped create the Resource Conservation District of the…

Topanga Shopping Center, 1966

13_6 crop.jpg
Topanga Shopping Center featured the Best Food Center and Topanga Cleaners.

Topanga Sea Scouts

In 1947, Topanga Sea Scouts were awarded the ship "Pelete" for winning the scout regatta. Co-skippers Chuck Russell, Fireman Robert Etz, and Fire Captain Desmond Barton stand uniformed in foreground.

Topanga School, 1926

Teacher Esther White conducts a story hour at the new school.

Topanga School teachers, 1940s

Topanga School teachers: Principal Elva Sigrist, Beulah Hendrix, Grace Wiley, Ivy Pearson, Florence Bruinsslot, May Peterson, Leon Hendrix, Rhoda Julian, Thelma Parker, Bertha Hangen, Jacqueline Wilson.

Topanga School Booster Club President Lynne Haigh

Since Lynne Haigh became its first president in 1983, the Topanga School Booster Club (later Topanga Enrichment Program, TEP) has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for enrichment programs.

Topanga School

Spanish-style Topanga School was built in 1925. The classroom and stage later became the American Legion Hall.

Topanga Rough Riders in Monument Valley, Arizona

Topanga Rough Riders Club on horseback in Monument Valley, Arizona

Topanga Riders Summer Gymkhana award, 1956

1956 gymkhana red ribbon.jpg
Dale Smith, 13, won this second-place award in the "Speed and Action" event at the Topanga Riders Summer Gymkhana. The red ribbon has gold lettering and a picture of a horse. Dale also won first place in the "Stake Race."

From "The Topanga…

Topanga Post Office and General Store

post office, ebay ps 2.jpg
A woman stands on the porch of the Topanga Post Office and General Store.

Topanga Permanent Water Committee

The Topanga Permanent Water Committee was formed by the Chamber to push for a reliable water supply. Elected in 1956, from left: Sherman Haeggquist, Dan McGovern, Tom McDougall, Peter Stimac, and Virgil Just.

Topanga Peace Alliance

The Topanga Peace Alliance held Friday vigils against the Iraq War, like this one at Topanga Canyon Blvd and Pacific Coast Highway, in front of Oasis Imports and the Malibu Feed Bin.

Topanga Mineral Springs

5_22 crop.jpg
Horseshoe Bend was renamed Topanga Mineral Springs and its waters were sold to customers in Los Angeles.

Topanga Lions Club

Topanga Lions Club members: Archie Lennan, Sy Prewitt, Dick Olsen, Albert Hoyt, Harry Rose, Tim Vickers, Melvin Penny, and Dean Penny.

Topanga Ladies, 1958

1958-11-04 Topanga Ladies - TJ w.jpg
"Topanga Ladies and Lassies Score Triumph as Fashion Models at Show Here"

Norah DeWitt, Judy Piner, Rebel Raymond, Betty Douphner, Miriam Oberg, Dorothy Boehme, May Lewis, Nell Laymen, Lee Segler, Miss Barbara Juday, Miss Carol Esparza

Topanga Labor Exchange float at Topanga Days

Topanga Labor Exchange float at Topanga Days. PATCH members and kids join Latinos playing traditional music.

Topanga Labor Exchange

People Assisting Topanga Canyon with Helping Hands (PATCH) co-chairs Michele Johnson (right) and Maryana Kuretski (second from left with her twins Devon and Kia) opened Topanga Labor Exchange in the early 1990s, on a site donated by Steve and Leslie…

Topanga Journal 1943 Fire Coverage

The Fire of November, 1943 pictured from the Post Office Tract looking west. Circles mark homes lost. Arrow points to dwellings on Valley View Drive behind the Fire Station.

Topanga Historical Society leaders

Topanga Historical Society Presidents Ken York, Gerry Haigh, and Buz Tarlow with "The Topanga Story" author Louise York.

Topanga Highway in the S-Turns

Topanga Highway in the S-Turns. Cars took over after the road was rebuilt in 1915.

Topanga Highway descends into the Valley

0_7 (4).jpg
The new Topanga Highway descends into the San Fernando Valley, as shown on the Acknowledgements page of The Topanga Story.

Topanga Highway descends into San Fernando Valley

Topanga Highway descends into San Fernando Valley. The marker near the sign for Girard (later Woodland Hills) is the LA city boundary.

Topanga General Store and Post Office

13_2 crop.jpg
Topanga General Store owner Irvin "Smitty" Smith chats with customers on the porch.

Topanga General Store and Post Office

Topanga General Store and Post Office operated out of a pioneer's frame house, where Pine Tree Circle is today.

Topanga firemen, 1943

Topanga firemen: Captain Harvey Anderson, Jimmie Hansen, E. W. Monkman, Fred Van Syrc, and Captain Des Barton.

Topanga firemen in front of Forestry Station

Topanga firemen in front of Forestry Station. SEATED: Jack Albright, Albert Carroll, Bill Santa Maria, Jack Connors, Bud Currier, Floyd Cunningham, Slim Pressler, Bob Butler. STANDING: Al Weinart, Cecil Gehr, Art Bishop, Freddy Stevenson, Jack…

Topanga Fire, 1993

"The Old Topanga Incident" was the name of this fire in 1993.

Topanga Explorers, Kelp Devils at Topanga Beach

Topanga Scout Post 220: Topanga Explorers, Kelp Devils, go skin diving in homemade wetsuits at Topanga Beach. STANDING: Bill Sloan, George Schreder, Jon Sloan, Rick Hass, Tom Lennan, Star Soderstrom, Mark Squiers, Eugene Conners, Ray Hoover.…

Topanga Elementary School, Track and Field Day

Topanga Elementary School, Track and Field Day, organized by Marathon world-record holder Jacqueline Hansen.

Topanga Elementary School, Track and Field Day

Topanga Elementary School, Track and Field Day, organized by Marathon world-record holder Jacqueline Hansen.

Topanga Elementary School, Third Grade Class, 1957-58

1957-58 Grade 3 w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Mrs. Springer's Third Grade Class, 1957-58

1. Virginia House, 2. Janie Hoffman, 3. Matthew Bartholomew, 4. unknown, 5. Earl Wickenberg, 6. Jean Jaques Stehelin, 7. Jimmy Dehr
1. Michael Harriet, 2.…