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Red Rock Canyon

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Iron oxide turns the Lower Sespe conglomerate in Red Rock Canyon to rust.

Water tank in the shape of a milk bottle

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Thomas W. ("Bill") Kneen built this water tank on Red Rock Road in the shape of a milk bottle in the 1930s.

Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry flowers

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Fuchsia-flowered gooseberry flowers (Ribes specidsum saxifragaceae)

Chevy Metal

The Chevy Metal band at Abuelitas restaurant: Taylor Hawkins (also in the Foo Fighters), Achim "Dange" St. Dangersfield, and Wiley Hodgden.

A boulder fell on Topanga Canyon Blvd.

A boulder fell on Topanga Canyon Blvd. after heavy rains on January 9, 2005. Pictures of this "rock star" appeared in the news around the world.

"Thank you" sign for Firefighters

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"Thank you" sign for 1993 firefighters.

Ellen Mills at Topanga Days

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Ellen Mills works the bar at Topanga Days.

Architect Bob Bates with the tools of his trade

Architect Bob Bates moved to Topanga in 1956 and opened an office here in 1963. He was a founder of the Topanga Association for a Scenic Community (TASC). There is "no front or back" to his houses. They "bring the outside in and vice versa," making…

Barton School Hand-drawn Map

Barton School Hand Drawn Map crop.jpg
Map of school property and buildings (1932-1948) drawn from memory in 1984

Aerial Tanker Douses 1960 Fire

The October 1960 fire on Hillside Drive was put down in record time. An aerial tanker is seen reflected against the smoke, dropping borate-fortified water.

Barbara Anahita King painting, "Eagle Rock," 2004

"Eagle Rock, Topanga State Park," a painting by Barbara Anahita King.

Kristen Hansen, Gina Merchant, and Kailani Hector

Kristen Hansen, Gina Merchant, and Kailani Hector protest the Canyon Oaks development at Disney studios in Burbank.

"Save Topanga" protest sign

A protester trying to save Summit Valley from the Canyon Oaks development.

Supervisor Ed Edelman

Supervisor Ed Edelman, who led the effort to fund a park at Summit Valley, at its 1990s dedication.

Molly Hogan, owner of The Nature of Wildworks

Molly Hogan, owner of The Nature of Wildworks, a non-profit wildlife care center that opened in 1995. She is pictured with Phoenix, her mountain lion.

Topanga Canyon Boulevard destroyed by flood

1400 block of Topanga Canyon Boulevard destroyed by flood. Pedestrians take the high road.

Rose Wiley and Julia Stewart mark Trujillo boundary

Rose Trujillo Wiley and Topanga Historical Society Julia Stewart place a plaque on an oak tree marking the Trujillo homestead boundary.

Third Santa Maria Ranch House - 1985

PF 4,2 - 1880-1900 Santa Maria Family_025.jpg
Photograph of 1930's Santa Maria house entry and front yard. "Santa Maria - Taconis 1985" Photo by Bob Wiley.

Abalone Shell Arch 1985

PF 4,2 - 1880-1900 Santa Maria Family_027.jpg
Color Photograph of Santa Maria Ranch "Abalone" arch and yard. "Old Santa Maria Ranch - Taconis"

Abalone Shell Arch 1985 with Donkey

PF 4,2 - 1880-1900 Santa Maria Family_029.jpg
Color Photograph of Santa Marina Abalone Arch and yard (with donkey)
"Santa Maria Ranch - Taconis"
"Photo by Bob Wiley"

Third Santa Maria Ranch House with Louise York and Atze Taconis

PF 4,2 - 1880-1900 Santa Maria Family_031.jpg
Color photograph of 1930's ("3rd") Santa Maria Ranch house with Louise York and Atze Taconis.
Annotated: " 8/84
Louise York + Atze Taconi
3rd Santa Marina house
built 30s
Photo by Bob Wiley"

Belly dancers perform at Earth Day in Topanga State Park

Belly dancers from the Melanie Kareem Middle Eastern Dance School perform at Earth Day in Topanga State Park. The local dance school enrolled 450 local women and girls.

Kneen's Kamp Corporation Grant Deed

Kneen's Kamp Corporatation Grant Deed-1.jpg
Kneen's Kamp Corporation Grant Deed, 1924, Granted to Thomas W. Kneen and May Kneen

Dr. Holly Scoren, Adrian Gendot, Nathalie Cordes

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Veterinarian Dr. Holly Scoren, assisted by Adrian Gendot and Nathalie Cordes, checks out a cat at her Topanga Center office.

Sally Powell Giedd and daughter Lily

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Sally Powell Giedd and daughter Lily at Sienna Skin Care in Rainbow Village.

Dovid Weiss, Nechama Dina, and their children

Rabbi Dovid Weiss, wife Nechama Dina, and their two children. Weiss brought a Chabad to Topanga in 2003.

Native American pictographs in Santa Maria Canyon

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Native American pictographs appear on the wall of a cave in Santa Maria Canyon. The rock art was discovered by UCLA teacher Alex Apostolides and high school student Dan Larsen in 1965.

The White Turkey sandwich stand

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The White Turkey sandwich stand at Horseshoe Bend.

Betsy Moline's home ruined by Northridge Earthquake, 1994

Betsy Moline sits in the ruin of her Nuez Way home after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Fred Tackett plays at The Corral

Fred Tackett plays at The Corral. He joined Little Feat after the death of Lowell George.

Dan Mazur's Canyon Comix

"...No one's going to believe we saw a Republican!"

Cynthia Scott and Adriane Allen

Cynthia Scott and Adriane Allen stand by the design of the Topanga Library they championed.

Dan Mazur's Canyon Comix

"...those fat Yuppie house pets make great coyote chow!"

Community House baseball field dedication

Community House baseball field dedication. Kevin Jussila, Susan Nissman, County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, and former Dodger great Steve Yeager.

Dan Mazur's Canyon Comix

21st century Topangans facing a draconian State plan to regulate septic systems yearned for a hero named "Septic Man," drawn by cartoonist Dan Mazur.

Dan Mazur's Canyon Comix

Meaning of Life, as disclosed by "Canyon Comix" comic strip creator Dan Mazur.

Dan Mazur's Canyon Comix

14_66 lo w.jpg
"eBay and the Great Buffalo Springfield Drug Bust"

Listening to the song "Topanga Road" by Jim and Jean, the author learns about the arrest of Stephen Stills, Neil Young, and Eric Clapton in Old Topanga Canyon in 1968. "Sadly, the incident marked…

Robert Campbell and Pablo Capra, The Rodeo Grounds

Robert and Pablo ps 7.jpg
Robert Campbell (1951-2004) shows Pablo Capra his graphic novel On a Purple Spiral Floating in The Rodeo Grounds in 2002, the year they cofounded Brass Tacks Press. Capra celebrated the 20th anniversary in 2022 by publishing Robert Campbell:…

Renate and Ray Casser at home in The Rodeo Grounds

Cassers 1a crop w.jpg
Renate (1939-2022) and Ray Casser (b. 1934) were both from Westphalia, Germany. Ray, a gardener, moved to Topanga Canyon Lane in Lower Topanga in 1960. Renate, a nanny, married him a short time after. They moved to higher ground in The Rodeo Grounds…

Ami Kirby, Kathy Hitchcock, and Hillevi Storer

Topanga Cooperative Preschool leaders: President Ami Kirby, Kathy Hitchcock, and first long-term teacher Hillevi Storer.

Writer Carolyn See

Writer Carolyn See wrote many critically acclaimed books. She moved to Topanga in 1963, and speaks of her early days in the Canyon through the voice of Edith Langley in the 1987 novel "Golden Days."

Cinematographer Max Penner

Cinematographer Max Penner followed after his father John's profession. He is shown here on a film location in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mailbox at Cheney Drive and Topanga Road

Mailbox at Cheney Drive and Topanga Road, a rustic barrel set on a post by Joe Santa Maria, was used by upper canyon residents.

The Big Snow, January 12, 1949

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Cars sliding on Entrada

Joe Ruzicka performs at the Country Fair

6_12 crop.jpg
Joe Ruzicka of Old Topanga Canyon performs at the Country Fair

Beekeeper Russell Whittemore

13_44A crop.jpg
Beekeeper Russell Whittemore won blue ribbons for his sage honey at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Harriet Swenson and her piano students

Harriet Swenson celebrates with her piano students as they are inducted into the Topanga chapter of Pi Mu. Michael Morales, Terri Scott, Sherry and Sheryl Gwaltney, Sharon Clow, unknown, Vicki Cepin, Harriet Swenson, Adrienne Just, Connie Clark,…

Strawberry Festival Cash Report 1961

strawberry festival cash report.jpg
Strawberry Festival cash report by Everett T. Plumer August 17, 1961

Megan Rice

14_16 (2).jpg
Megan Rice with her book "A Brush with Cancer," which combines journal excerpts with images of her artwork.

Sheila Kuehl, Pat Mac Neil, and Cruz Bustamante

State Senator Sheila Kuehl, Pat Mac Neil (being named State of California Woman of the Year), and Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante.

Gordon Butcher painting, "Topanga Threads"

Topanga Threads, Gordon Butcher, c1978 ps 10 w.jpg
"Topanga Threads" painted by Gordon Butcher. This used clothing store in the Pine Tree Circle was owned by J. R. Ball.

Mail carriers Jack Wood and Joe Robison

10_3 ps 2 w.jpg
Post Office mail carriers Jack Wood and Joe Robison in the S-Turns. Mail carriers also transported passengers.

Cheney Ranch House

Cheney Family Still Image024.jpg
Black and white postcard of a small child on Cheney Ranch porch 1920

Topanga Day barbecue

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Topanga Day barbecue, prepared by Jim Buerckle.

Cave in the Santa Maria area

2_7 crop.jpg
Hikers stand in a cave in the Santa Maria area, near where Native American pictographs were found.

Stella and Ed Ellis watch "The Old Topanga Incident" Fire, 1993

In the early hours of "The Old Topanga Incident" fire of 1993, Stella and Ed Ellis watching from Summit Valley are dwarfed by a mushroom cloud of smoke.

Viewridge Estates, fire company basecamp, 1993

Day 2 of the 1993 fire, fire companies from throughout the Western U.S. line up at the Viewridge Estates neighborhood.

TASC board members stand above Summit Valley

Topanga Association for a Scenic Community board members stand above Summit Valley. FRONT: Rabyn Blake, David Totheroh, Andrew Sheldon, Herbert Petermann. BACK: Ken Mazur and son, Ron Fomalont, Dan Larson, Steve Hoye, Roger Pugliese, Kay Austen, Joan…


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The common lizard is uncommonly beautiful in this photo, which won a National Park Service award.

The Topanga Story, Contents

0_8 (1).jpg
The Topanga Story: Expanded Edition


Preface by Kenneth H. York
Introduction by Buz Tarlow
Foreword by Al Martinez
1. The Natural Canyon
2. The First Inhabitants
3. 1880-1900: The First Families
4. 1900-1920: Resorts & Ranches

View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga Summit

0_8 (2).jpg
View of San Fernando Valley from Topanga Summit, with The Topanga Story's Preface by Kenneth H. York, and Introduction by Buz Tarlow.

Vance Hoyt on Red Rock Trail

Vance Hoyt on Red Rock Trail, near his home. He arrived in Topanga in 1910.

Katherine's Kitchen Collapses

12_29 crop.jpg
Boards support Katherine's Kitchen at the entrance to Sylvia Park, weakened by storms in the early 1930s. It collapsed soon afterward.

Saint Jarlath's Catholic Church Altar Society tea

Saint Jarlath's Catholic Church Altar Society tea: Elinor Covington, Lillian McCarter, Winnie Watkins, Dora Bruyere, Mae Conners, two unknowns, Ann Allen, Nora Collins, two unknowns, Father Gallagher, and Mrs. Shaw (seated).

Santa Ynez Canyon aerial view

7_30A crop.jpg
Santa Ynez Canyon and Palisades Highlands aerial view, with Topanga at the upper left.

Trippet Ranch

Topanga State Park

1980 Flood Topples House

House in the 700 block of Topanga Canyon Boulevard is toppled from its foundation by the February 1980 flood.

Topanga Beach Auto Court

Talmadge 2 alt 2 ps.jpg
Topanga Beach Auto Court, with James Talmadge's Deusenberg. James was the son of Buster Keaton and lived on Tuna Beach.

Sooki Wheeland wins the Tough Topanga 10K

Sooki Wheeland won the Tough Topanga 10K more times than anyone.

Garapatos School Children

Garapatos School Still Image002.jpg
1953 Topanga Journal Newspaper Clipping: "Topanga School 25 Years Ago..., 1923 or 1924"
(But annotated "1910s (photo)")
14 childern of "Canyon pioneers" are named. Histories of some are provided.
Teacher: Miss Alma Seaton
"Photo courtesy Jimmy…

Frederico Joseph Mazet's restored vineyard

Frederico Joseph Mazet's vineyard.jpg
A deer passes by homesteader Frederico Joseph Mazet's 19th-century vineyard (recently restored) and winery in Old Topanga Canyon.

Map of Topanga homesteads in 1908

1908 Map w.jpg
A map of homesteads in 1908 along Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Old Topanga Canyon Road, drawn by John H. Mac Neil, Licensed Land Surveyor: Hiram Montgomery, Tony Von Arnswaldt, Frederick Mazet, Topanga Tavern, John Heron, Frederick Post, Templer Allen,…