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Topanga Elementary School, Second Grade, 1956-57

1956-57 Grade 2 w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Mrs. Washington's Second Grade, 1956-57

1. unknown, 2. unknown, 3. Michelle Stork, 4. Steve Marshall, 5. unknown, 6. Harold Lindsey, 7. Jerry Brown
1. Richard Coghlan, 2. Earl Wickenberg, 3. Sally…

Topanga Elementary School, Kindergarten Class, 1954-55

1954-55 Grade K w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Mrs. Anderson's Kindergarten Class, 1954-55

1. Michael McGovern, 2. unknown, 3. Charles Wilson, 4. unknown, 5. unknown, 6. unknown, 7. Max Penner
1. Guy Hoover, 2. unknown, 3. Sally Ware, 4. Earl…

Topanga Elementary School, Fourth Grade Class, 1958-59

1958-59 Grade 4 w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Mrs. Florence Bruinsslot's Fourth Grade Class, 1958-59

1. Daniel Siefers, 2. Beverly Jones, 3. Michael McGovern, 4. Sally Ware, 5. Gray Garnett, 6. unknown, 7. Harold Lindsey
1. Wesley Reinhart, 2.…

Topanga Elementary School, First Grade, 1955-56

1955-56 Grade 1 w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Mrs. Anderson's First Grade, 1955-56

1. Matthew Bartholomew, 2. Steve Marshall, 3. Kenneth Wallace, 4. unknown, 5. Jimmy Dehr, 6. Sally Ware, 7. Guy Hoover
1. Max Penner, 2. unknown, 3. unknown, 4.…

Topanga Elementary School, Fifth Grade Class, 1959-60

1959-60 Grade 5 w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Mr. Martin Lockso's Fifth Grade Class, 1959-60

1. Max Penner, 2. unknown, 3. Michael Buckley, 4. Leonard Adams, 5. Janice Outwater, 6. Gray Garnett
1. Jean Jaques Stehelin, 2. Virginia House, 3.…

Topanga Elementary School, Class of 1961 Reunion

2001-08-25 40th Reunion w.jpg
Topanga Elementary School, Class of 1961, Hawaiian-themed 40th Reunion.

1. Max Penner, 2. Jimmy Dehr, 3. Kenny Wallace, 4. Steve Marshall, 5. Michael McGovern, 6. Guest
1. Fred Massey, 2. Randy Green, 3. Sandy Bigelow, 4. Franny…

Topanga Elementary School students

Popular 1970s teacher Richard Russo often took slides of Topanga Elementary School students.

Topanga Elementary School sixth grade class

The 1959 Topanga Elementary School sixth grade class

Topanga Elementary School sign

image0 ps 2 w.jpg
Laurie and Anne Lanaro pose in front of the Topanga Elementary School sign on Laurie's first day of kindergarten in 1962.

Topanga Elementary School dedication ceremony

Topanga Elementary School dedication ceremony, led by superintendent Dean Grass.

Topanga Elementary School contest winners, 1950s

Topanga Elementary School motto contest winners receive medals from Fire Department: Capt. Jack Connors, Heather Wallace, Connie Manlein, Bruce Haines, and Chief Harvey Anderson.

Topanga Elementary School Alumni, 1965

1965 Topanga Elementary School Alumni. Back row: Reynold Hicklin, Tom Marshburn, Brian Stork, Wesley Just. Center: Lynn Sawday Nance, John Brown, Kathleen Cepin Mahan, Mark Parrish, Marc Zeidler. Front: Caitlin Rice Just, Sandra Anderson-Tarcia,…

Topanga Elementary School actors

Topanga Elementary School actors in "Back to the West." Top: Gina Merchant, Michele Stephenson, Sean Colburn. Bottom: Erin Valente, Danielle Boucher, Kimberly Wiebe, Katie Freund, Rose Lannutti

Topanga Elementary School 4th grade class

9_1X 20.jpg
Topanga Elementary School. Mrs. Florence Bruinsslot's 4th grade class. By windows: Raymond Hoover, Toni Loudon, Maryann Gary, Dave Marshburn, Jim Osmundson, Garth Smith. Second row: James Fordham, David Roberts, Phyllis Feeney, Joan Stacey, Carol…

Topanga Elementary School

The 1958 New Year's Eve fire threatened Topanga Elementary School and destroyed Hugh and Virley Harlan's home (ruins lower right).

Topanga Dry Cleaners

The Topanga Dry Cleaners at 137 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. was run by Teddie Michand. It was originally a store called Topanga Mercantile, built in 1947 by Stella Stoker.

Topanga Drug Store

13_39 crop.jpg
Topanga Drug Store, Henry Wilson's "biggest little drug store in California."

Topanga Drilling Co.

6_11f1 crop.jpg
Frank Molloy and Ray Alley of Topanga Drilling bring their families while they tap into a water supply.

Topanga Days Tug o' War

7_10G crop.jpg
Topanga Days Tug of War

Topanga Days Memorial Parade

7_10E crop.jpg
Onlookers and parade participants squirt each other with water guns.

Topanga Days Memorial Day Parade

7_10B crop.jpg
Kids ride in the shovel of a pink tractor.

Topanga Days Grand Marshal Robin Williams

7_10A crop.jpg
1981 Topanga Days Grand Marshal Robin Williams was a Topanga resident.

Topanga Day barbecue

7_2 crop.jpg
Topanga Day barbecue, prepared by Jim Buerckle.

Topanga Daffodil and Iris Gardens

Carlos Jr. and Jim Baker hold sign for Jean Baker's gardens.

Topanga Creek Stream Team looks for steelhead trout

The Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains's (RCDSMM) Topanga Creek Stream Team looks for steelhead trout.

Topanga Creek floods, 1992

The creek behind the market at flood stage in 1992. Due to tenants' demands, a wall was built to hold back flood waters.

Topanga Creek cleanup

Topanga Creek cleanup. The Stream Team pulls a soggy mattress from the water: Riteh Shah, Kirsty Iredale, Nick Paparella, and Larry Garf.

Topanga Cooperative Preschool students

Topanga Cooperative Preschool students. Back: Unknown, Matthew Lepner. Front: Morgan Reed, Haydn Shelters, Ali Stack.

Topanga Community House Makeover Team

The Topanga Community House Makeover Team made the bathroom baby-friendly: Tile-Layer Joe Stanley with new baby Sophia, Project Manager Cynthia Scott, Technician Andy Williams, Electrician Shawn Rhodes, Topanga Community Club President Randy Just,…

Topanga Community House Ball Field Committee

The Topanga Community House Ball Field Committee admires their handiwork: John Morrison, Richard and Lee Kelly, Joe Valente, Arthur Nissman, Ole Gunst, Andy Wallace, Ellen Mills.

Topanga Community Church group

Topanga Community Church group. Pastor John Utterback (white shirt) and wife Florence are at center, Camp Wildwood owner Julia Stewart is at right.

Topanga Christian Fellowship Church

Topanga Christian Fellowship Church board members: BACK: Patricia Moore-Joshi, Larry Dunn, Bruce Boyle. FRONT: Pastor R. G. Murray, Janice Murray, Ellie Carroll, Luisa Dunn, Karen Moran, Nancy and John Williams.

Topanga Chamber of Commerce

7_15 crop.jpg
In 1966, a conservative Topanga Chamber of Commerce tried to control hippies. From left: Albert Hoyt, President William C. Carter, Art Piner, Tim Graham, and John Seymour.

Topanga Canyon Video ad: "The store with a talking gorilla!"

1985-12-13 TC Video - Mess ps w.jpg
Coming Soon! Topanga Canyon Video. Rentals, Sales, Fun. The only video store with a talking gorilla! 369 South Topanga Canyon Boulevard, in the Philips Realty Building next to Rainbow Village.

Topanga Canyon Gallery opening party

Topanga Canyon Gallery throws an opening party in the Old Center. The gallery was founded by ceramists Jim and Sue Sullivan, and for many years featured local artists. It closed in 1995, but reopened five years later in Pine Tree Circle.

Topanga Canyon Gallery artists

Topanga Canyon Gallery artists Jon Burns, Ainsley Pryor, Kathleen Sullivan, Linda Bolhuis, Sue Sullivan, and Jim Sullivan.

Topanga Canyon Docents

Topanga Canyon Docents at Trippet Ranch Nature Center in Topanga State Park. KNEELING: Don Murchie, Lynne Haigh, Deborah Low, D. J. Nellis, Geri Kelly. STANDING: Gene Cheltenham, Patty Ward, Beverly Weil, Patty Hill, John Kuiper.

Topanga Canyon Boulevard gets washed out

Hofmann, Frysinger crop.jpg
Topanga Canyon Boulevard gets washed out in a flood near the AmeriGas office. This photo appears to be shot from the patio of the Topanga Fish Market.

Topanga Canyon Boulevard destroyed by flood

1400 block of Topanga Canyon Boulevard destroyed by flood. Pedestrians take the high road.

Topanga Canyon Blvd., Summit Valley, and storm clouds

1_1 crop.jpg
An aerial view of Topanga Canyon and the Boulevard.

Topanga Brownie Scout Troop 74

Topanga Brownie Scout Troop 74. SEATED: Janice Fitzgerald, Florine Smith, Karin Fester, Jolene Thomson, Barbara Hard. STANDING: Wise Owl Mrs. Worley, Norma Dowding, Judy Charlton, Marion Mannelion, Carol Worley, Kay Hansen.

Topanga Beach, 1924

Topanga Beach, 1924, showing beach houses, tents, Cooper's Camp, and cars on the highway.

Topanga Beach panorama, 1928

1928-08-26 Topanga Beach panorama alt ps 1.jpg
Topanga Beach panorama, 1928. In the photo are Potter's Store, Topanga Service Station, billboards for Union Gasoline and Lightning Gasoline, a bathhouse, the De Long Cafe, and Cooper's Camp motel and tent city.

Topanga Beach map, 1877

1877 t01432a_dd crop w.jpg
Topanga Beach map, 1877, shows: Tepango Canon [Topanga Canyon], Johnson Peak, and a kelp bed.

Topanga Beach map, 1876

T01427-00-1875 ps w.jpg
Topanga Beach map, 1876, shows: Tepango Canon [Topanga Canyon], Johnson Peak, and kelp bed.

Topanga Beach map, 1874

654_539b_r ps 1 w.jpg
Topanga Beach map, 1874, shows: Arroyo Topango [Topanga Creek], a post in a mound of stone at Point Topanga [sic], a point of rocks (Mal Paso) [Arch Rock]

Topanga Beach map, 1868

509_432_r ps 1 w.jpg
Topanga Beach map, 1868, shows: Laguna de Topanga [Topanga Lagoon], a post in a mound of stone, Rocky Point (Mal Paso) [Arch Rock]

Topanga Beach houses along the old coast road

original-1 ps.jpg
Topanga Beach houses along the old coast road, before they were swept away by high waves in a February 1926 storm.

Topanga Beach Auto Court

Talmadge 2 alt 2 ps.jpg
Topanga Beach Auto Court, with James Talmadge's Deusenberg. James was the son of Buster Keaton and lived on Tuna Beach.

Topanga Arts Council at Earthworks studio

Topanga Arts Council members in front of Earthworks, Esther and Bud Bruder's studio. Standing: Esther Bruder Raucher aka Esther Terrestrial, Sue Weber aka Sky and Wonder Woman, Helena LeBrun, three unknown, Myra Schegloff, Kathy Kaminsky, unknown.…

Tom Cheney, Pasqual Shampay and George Cheney

3_22 ps 1.jpg
Black and white photograph of Tom Cheney, Pasqual Shampay and George Cheney holding guns and a dead dear.

Tom Cheney on Horseback

Cheney Family Still Image010 crop.jpg
Black and white photo of Tom Cheney on horseback

Tom Cheney Holding Gun

3_E4 crop.jpg
Tom Cheney holding gun

Tom Cheney and Topanga Chamber of Commerce

Tom Cheney gives a presentation to the Topanga Chamber of Commerce. FROM RIGHT: longtime leaders Art Piner, Hal Rolfe, and Jim Buerckel.

Tom Cheney and Fawn

Cheney Family Still Image011 crop.jpg
Black and white photograph of Tom Cheney bottle feeding a fawn 1933

Tom and Jeanne Mitchell

Tom and Jeanne Mitchell on the set of the play "Return of the Yellow Submarine," designed by Stewart Moskowitz, at Topanga Elementary School.

Tom and Florence Cheney by House

Cheney Family Still Image014 crop.jpg
Black and white photograph of Tom and Florence Cheney standing in front of a house 1909

Tom and Florence Cheney and Dog

Cheney Family Still Image015.jpg
Black and white photograph of Tom Cheney carrying Florence Cheney with a dog watching 1908

Tom and Florence Cheney

3_23 crop.jpg
Black and white photograph of Tom and Florence Cheney in front of a pickup truck 1912

Three Dolphin Inn restaurant

33 ps 3 w.jpg
The Three Dolphin Inn restaurant existed in a building with many incarnations. First, the building was a drugstore in the 1940s-1950s. Then it became The Discovery Inn in the 1960s, followed by a series of restaurants. Allen Emerson, owner of the…

Third Santa Maria Ranch House with Louise York and Atze Taconis

PF 4,2 - 1880-1900 Santa Maria Family_031.jpg
Color photograph of 1930's ("3rd") Santa Maria Ranch house with Louise York and Atze Taconis.
Annotated: " 8/84
Louise York + Atze Taconi
3rd Santa Marina house
built 30s
Photo by Bob Wiley"

Third Santa Maria Ranch House - 1985

PF 4,2 - 1880-1900 Santa Maria Family_025.jpg
Photograph of 1930's Santa Maria house entry and front yard. "Santa Maria - Taconis 1985" Photo by Bob Wiley.

Third Santa Maria Ranch House - 1930

Santa Maria Family Still Image013 ps.jpg
Photograph of (new) Santa Maria house, entry portion c.1930

Theresa Sletton's Room at McAllister's Tavern

4_11 crop.jpg
Topanga teacher Theresa Sletton stayed in this cabin at "Mrs. Mac's" tavern.

The Wiley family

The Wiley family: David, Marguerite, Bob, Rose, Jimmy, Laura, Robert, and John.

This photo was taken at the marriage of Jimmy Wiley, great-grandson of original pioneers Francisco and Manuela Trujillo, and Serena Andrews, daughter of long-time…

The White Turkey sandwich stand

13_27 crop.jpg
The White Turkey sandwich stand at Horseshoe Bend.

The Tough Topanga 10K

7_11 crop.jpg
Traditionally the first event of Topanga Days on Memorial Day Weekend, The Tough Topanga 10K started in 1978

The Topanga Watershed Committee

The Topanga Watershed Committee being honored for their Wrecked Car Removal Project at a dinner thrown by the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The Topanga String Quartet

The Topanga String Quartet: Toni Marcus, Jeanne Mitchell, Hugh Neely, Miles Tackett.

The Topanga Story, Contents

0_8 (1).jpg
The Topanga Story: Expanded Edition


Preface by Kenneth H. York
Introduction by Buz Tarlow
Foreword by Al Martinez
1. The Natural Canyon
2. The First Inhabitants
3. 1880-1900: The First Families
4. 1900-1920: Resorts & Ranches

The Topanga Protection Committee

6_2 crop.jpg
The Topanga Protection Committee organized in 1942 by Oscar-winning producer/director Frank Lloyd (seated center). Pictured are standing from left: Hildor Barton, two unknown, Des Barton, Kenneth Connors, Hugh Harlan, Ralph Kiewitt. Seated: W. V.…

The Topanga Creek flood piles cars against debris

Postcard_00920 ps w.jpg
The Topanga Creek flood piles two cars against debris on Shady Lane in Lower Topanga Canyon.

The Topanga Community Players in "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Jane MacAllister leads the Topanga Community Players in the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar," performed at Topanga Days.

The Topanga Center

1948 fire victims ps.jpg
Families displaced by the 1948 fire wait at the Topanga Center. A sign for Lee's Hitching Post is visible in the background.

The Theatricum Botanicum company

The Theatricum Botanicum company. Actor and founder Will Geer stands at center.

The Sylvia Park subdivision

5_18E crop.jpg
The new Sylvia Park subdivision, as seen from the Goebel Ranch.

The Swenson kids and cousins

6_20 crop.jpg
The Swenson kids and cousins play under the oaks of their Topanga home. From left: Gary Hill, Willie and Nancy Swenson, Steve Hill, David and Jon Swenson.

The Swenson family house on Fontaine Road

6_19 crop.jpg
Harriet and John Swenson bought this house on Fontaine Road in 1950, only after persuading the owner that they were tough enough to stay.

The Swenson family

6_22 crop.jpg
John and Harriet Swenson with David, Nancy, William, and John.

The Sloan family's trailer home

6_15 crop.jpg
Bill and Pearl Sloan and their first three children called this 16-foot travel trailer home while they waited for a new one.

The Sloan family

6_16 crop.jpg
Bill and Pearl with David, Jon, Bill Jr., and Miriam. (Barbara was born in 1956.)

The Rust family at Topanga Beach

original-27 ps.jpg
The Rust family at Topanga Beach. Ella Rust sits in the center of sons Archie and Don Rust and their families. Granddaughter Thais Rust is at right.

The Rust family at Topanga Beach

original-26 alt ps 1.jpg
The Rust family at Topanga Beach.

Front: Ellen Rust Penland, Joanne Simmons, Thais Rust, Ray and Leon Simmons, Ella Rust, Avis Wendell, Fern Rust, Raburn Stedman Rust.

Middle: Clayton Rust, Roy Rust, Claude Simmons, Edythe Rust, Fleta Rust,…