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Native Americans of Topanga Beach, 2/13/19

Topanga Historical Society Quarterly Event Invitation

When: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Where: 1140 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290
7 P.M. Potluck: A now famous tradition. Bring your best dish to share. Organic coffee, tea, lemon water, paper plates, cups, cutlery will be provided.
8 P.M. Presentation: Program begins promptly.

“Native Americans of Topanga Beach”

What was Topanga like 1,000 years ago? Local historian Pablo Capra and archaeologist Chester King share new research recently published in the Messenger Mountain News about a forgotten Native American burial mound that was discovered at Topanga Beach in 1910 and paved over by PCH in 1923. A mysterious world emerges of men with horns, dwarfs, giants, Aztec invasions, and smoking mountains. There are also fascinating stories about the burial mound’s original discoverers: a class of Stanford students, a Wisconsin artifact collector, a Civil War colonel, and a family of squirrels.

You will be able to join or renew your THS membership during the program ($20 for individuals or $30 for families). We deeply appreciate your support! Also, please bring some cash to donate, to help defray our expenses. Come on down and join us for a rollicking evening of history and community. Everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to see you there!!

Annual Picnic at Pine Tree Circle

Topanga Historical Society To Hold Annual Picnic

Sunday, October 28th, at 12 noon

Meet-and-Greet Pine Tree Circle’s New Owners and Enjoy The Newly Hung Historical Vintage Business Signs at the THS Office!

Topanga’s Pine Tree Circle shopping center is the site for the Topanga Historical Society’s annual picnic to be held on Sunday, October 28th, at 12 noon. The program will include an opportunity to meet and greet the new owners of Pine Tree Circle, Joseph and Nathan, and to view the society’s recently installed collection of vintage Topanga business signs that grace the walls of its office. The program will also include a presentation of the colorful history of the Pine Tree Circle location, and Kathy Burke, former owner of Pat’s Topanga Grill, will be on hand to answer questions about the vintage business signs.

Bring your best dish to share for the now famous potluck feast! Paper plates, cutlery, coffee, tea, and lemon water will be provided. Please bring a folding lawn or beach chair for comfortable seating. Everyone is invited! Pine Tree Circle is located at 122 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Gail McTune
THS Event Chair